Shelves, Radio 4 and the many talents of Hugh Dennis…

This story completely passed me by and is undoubtedly old-news to the Brits, but I thought I would post the link for those of you who, like me, are uncultured and largely ignore the news: A geologist? Reduced to stacking shelves? If you are a glass-half-full kind of person like me, you will probably say, “hey, shelves will always need to be stacked. Most likely with horse burgers”. On the other hand, oil and gas could well run out and, if this happens, the shelf-stacking market will be flooded with unemployed geologists. Think about it. But not for too long. If you want to hear a humorous and rather well-informed deconstruction of this story by Punt and Dennis (remember the Mary Whitehouse Experience?) on Radio 4’s ‘The Now Show’, download and listen to the first-half of the Friday Night Comedy podcast from the 22nd of February. For those of you that can, maybe try and see Hugh Dennis give the PESGB Stoneley Lecture on March 12th 2013; he’s a closet geologist! See: for details. Oh, and stay tuned to the podcast to hear some great digs at those morons at the Daily Mail…and those in the coalition…

Author: Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson

I am Professor of Basin Analysis @imperialcollege. I ❤️ 🏃🏿, 🚴🏿 and @basinsIC (⛏). I obsess about the tectono-stratigraphic development of sedimentary basins. Why? Because I'm hopeless at everything else.

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