Billings? Tick!

1227 miles down, 5306 to go!

I am not sitting at the airport in Billings (Montana) waiting to get my flight to Casper (Wyoming) via Salt Lake City (Utah). When I told the guys at the Montana Geological Society about this they laughed; apparently I could drive to Casper from Billings in less time then it would take to fly. But then again, who wouldn’t want to take a hopper flight via SLC…?

My talk, which was on 3D seismic analysis of igneous systems and the impact of these on petroleum prospectivity, went well I think. The talk was held in the Billings Petroleum Club at the Crowne Plaza hotel. I must say, I doubt I will ever present in a more stunning venue; the views over the sun-drenched Beartooth Range from the 22nd floor are stunning! And the lunch was not too shabby either. The audience of ‘old-timers’ (their words, not mine…) was in stark contrast to the CSM audience I presented to yesterday, and highlights some of the ‘gender gap’ issues facing petroleum geoscience. However, they were super-engaged and had some awesome industry war-stories. One guy had discovered a rift basin a few decades ago; can you imagine that? Discovering an entire new basin?! The questions were excellent and were mainly related to seismic imaging issues related to igneous bodies, and what some of the key controls on sill intrusion depth might be. Something for us to think about further Craig, Nick and Simon?

After the talk, my host, Jay Gunderson of the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, took me for a walk on the ‘rim’ about the town. Stunning views abound, and we even managed to sneak in a quick look at the Late Cretaceous Eagle Sandstone, a shallow marine unit that documents a transgressive episode during the fill of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway.

My phone and laptop seem to have fallen-out, and I seem unable to get Bluetooth to jibe, so I’ll transfer and upload some photos later today.

Author: Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson

I am Professor of Basin Analysis @imperialcollege. I ❤️ 🏃🏿, 🚴🏿 and @basinsIC (⛏). I obsess about the tectono-stratigraphic development of sedimentary basins. Why? Because I'm hopeless at everything else.

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