The true cost of blogging

Can you believe that when I took the photo of the Dick Cheney building (bottom-right photo in the post below), a rather ‘sturdy’ security lady chased me down the street and stopped me. The conversion went something like this:

Her: “were you just taking a photo of the building?”

Me: “pardon?”

Her: “i said, were you just taking a picture of the building down the street?”

Me: “erm, yeah”

Her: “well, you need to have clearance from the building manager to do that”

Me: “pardon?”

Her: “I said, you need to ask the building manager if it’s OK for you to take a photo of the building”

Me: “why?”

Her: “regulations”

And that, was pretty much that. However, I came back to the hotel and did a little digging; it seems as though I was well within my rights to take a picture of the building (see here). I then wondered if the White House was a federal building, or indeed the State Capitol in Austin? I’ve seen lots of people taking photos of those without being chased by security guards, sturdy or otherwise. Maybe they’re not federal building; Americans, let me know!

Author: Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson

I am Professor of Basin Analysis @imperialcollege. I ❤️ 🏃🏿, 🚴🏿 and @basinsIC (⛏). I obsess about the tectono-stratigraphic development of sedimentary basins. Why? Because I'm hopeless at everything else.

3 thoughts on “The true cost of blogging”

  1. Not sure about the white house, but there are certainly buildings that if you try to get a picture, they will arrest you. For further details, see comment above

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