New Brunswick, NJ

Fun facts about New Jersey, New Brunswick and Rutgers. In short, I use Wikipedia, so you don’t have to.

  1. New Jersey is a northeastern US state with c. 130 miles of Atlantic coast. It is the fourth-smallest state but the 11th-most populous, being the most densely populated of ALL the 50 United States.
  2. New Jersey was inhabited by Native Americans for >2,800 years, with historical tribes such as the Lenape living along the coast. In the early 17th century, the Dutch and the Swedes made the first European settlements. The English later seized control of the region, as is their want, naming it the Province of New Jersey.
  3. New Brunswick, officially called City of New Brunswick, is a city in Middlesex County, New Jersey, US. It is the home of Rutgers University.
  4. The official population of New Brunswick is estimated to be 57,080, having increased from 55,181 in 2010.
  5. New Brunswick is noted for its ethnic diversity. At one time, one quarter of the Hungarian population of New Jersey resided in the city, and in the 1930s 33% of city residents were Hungarian. A large Hungarian community remains, alongside growing Asian and Hispanic communities.
  6. New Brunswick is located along the southern bank of the Raritan River, whose watershed drains much of the mountainous area of the central part of the state, emptying into the Raritan Bay on the Atlantic Ocean.
  7. New Brunswick is the worldwide headquarters of Johnson & Johnson, a global pharmaceutical corporation started in the 1880’s by three brothers from New Brunswick.
  8. The full name of ‘Rutgers’ is ‘Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey’. Rutgers was initially called ‘Queen’s College’ and formed in 1766, making it the 8th-oldest college in the US. It was renamed Rutgers in 1825 in honour of Colonel Henry Rutgers, a New York City landowner, philanthropist and former military officer, whose $5,000 bond donation to the school allowed it to reopen after years of financial difficulty.
  9. Notable alumni include Harry A. Marmer (B.S. 1907, M.S. 1931), a mathematician and oceanographer internationally known for his expertise in tides and currents, and actor James Gandolfini (B.A. 1983).
  10. Running on the track between the Highway 18 and the Raritan River is one of the most soul-destroying things any human could possibly endure.

Bonus fact: New Jersey state outline is my favourite state outline. Period.



Author: Christopher Aiden-Lee Jackson

I am Professor of Basin Analysis @imperialcollege. I ❤️ 🏃🏿, 🚴🏿 and @basinsIC (⛏). I obsess about the tectono-stratigraphic development of sedimentary basins. Why? Because I'm hopeless at everything else.

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