Promotion Commotion v.3.0

Inspired by my participation in the HEFCE-supported ‘Responsible Metrics’ event waaaaay back in 2018, and motivated by my strong belief that the promotion process in many higher education institutions is too opaque, I decided to write a series of blogposts. These posts were to give me a chance to outline and discuss Imperial College’s criteriaContinue reading “Promotion Commotion v.3.0”

Promotion Commotion v.2.0

Inspired by my participation in the HEFCE-supported ‘Responsible metrics’ event, and motivated by my strong belief that promotion documentation should not be confidential and that the related process should be transparent, I will ‘publish’ documentation associated with my three promotion steps at IC. Lecturer to Senior Lecturer was covered in my last blogpost; this postContinue reading “Promotion Commotion v.2.0”

Promotion commotion v.1.0

During their careers, almost all academic ask themselves or others the seemingly simple question, “what do you need to do to get promoted?”. Indeed, it’s that time of year again at Imperial College (IC) when the results of the last promotion round are announced. There will be successes and disappointments, with candidates preparing to applyContinue reading “Promotion commotion v.1.0”

Stop 6 – University of Arkansas

Doctors prescribe a trip to Fayetteville as the antidote to New York. I was happy to swallow the pill. The journey down to NW Arkansas Regional Airport, AR from La Guardia, NY was the first direct flight of my tour. This was much appreciated, given the ‘exertions’ of my time with Matt and Graham inContinue reading “Stop 6 – University of Arkansas”

Stop 5 – Columbia University, New York, NY

From the calm, leafy greenness of the UConn campus in Connecticut, to the hyper-urban, downright lunacy of New York, my GSA lecture tour crunched through the gears and switched it up. The GSA travel agent saw fit to fly me from Hartford, CT to to New York, NY via Washington DC. Although it was niceContinue reading “Stop 5 – Columbia University, New York, NY”