Stop 4 – University of Connecticut

Best college logo of the tour so far? Probably. Much fun in New England with a pack of Huskies… A rather fraught journey from Roanoke to Hartford, involving a delayed departure and a Usain Bolt-esque sprint though Charlotte airport, only involving a heavy roller-case and lots of sweating and swearing, deposited me in Connecticut, NewContinue reading “Stop 4 – University of Connecticut”

British by birth. Hokie by association.

A busy day of something vaguely resembling science was followed by a day of relaxation, fun and new friends in Blackburg, VA. As I warned you in my last post, drinking a combination of caipirinhas and 8.2% IPAs is a short way to a long hangover. So did my day begin in an overcast, rainyContinue reading “British by birth. Hokie by association.”

Stop 3 – Virginia Tech

Week 1 of Leg 2 comes to a end with a visit to the college with the hands-down best logo, Virginia Tech. Oh, and some dude by the name of Brian Romans, a.k.a. @clasticdetritus, calls this place home… This news just in: getting to Blacksburg, VA, the home of Virginia Tech, from Eugene, OR, ain’tContinue reading “Stop 3 – Virginia Tech”

Stop 2 – University of Oregon

The delayed jet-lag hit hard on my first full day in Eugene, OR, so I rose early and went for a run along the banks of  the mighty Willamette River. It was early, gloomy and overcast, with the south bank being very industrial and slightly Gothem-esque. However, the north bank, which took in the goose-infestedContinue reading “Stop 2 – University of Oregon”

Eugene, OR. Nice town. I’ll take it.

This post has no photos, as my phone and laptop have decided they don’t wanna play nice no more. And besides, I wasn’t going to post today anyway, so y’all lucky there’s anything. I’ll be fully back on the GSA blogging horse tomorrow though… After a night of white wine and company of various colours,Continue reading “Eugene, OR. Nice town. I’ll take it.”

Stop 1 – University of Texas at El Paso

The c. 20 hour journey from London to El Paso via Atlanta was never going to be fun, with copious amounts of IPAs making the 9.5 hour transatlantic portion of the flight a little more than bearable. However, navigating Atlanta airport, which should quite frankly come with a health warning, was less-than-enjoyable, what with itsContinue reading “Stop 1 – University of Texas at El Paso”

Just to recap for those at the back…

I’m on a National Express coach from Bristol to Heathrow Airport. I’ve not been on a National Express coach for >15 years. It’s actually fairly civilised. Maybe because its Easter Sunday and this coach is largely empty. Anyway, given that you it’s been a few months since Leg 1, and since some folk might beContinue reading “Just to recap for those at the back…”

GSA James B. Thompson Distinguished Lecture Tour Redux

Wow. Doesn’t time fly? It seems only days ago I returned from Leg 1 of my GSA James B. Thompson Distinguished Lecture Tour and yet, here I am, about to head off on Leg 2! Leg 1 was a whirlwind of super-awesome stuff; five institutions, thousands of kilometres of air travel, and several thousand calories,Continue reading “GSA James B. Thompson Distinguished Lecture Tour Redux”